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Pool Cleaning Serving Plano and Frisco, TX

Everyone likes swimming in a pool, but cleaning it is different matter altogether. Save yourself the time and stress of caring for your pool on a regular basis and trust our professional pool cleaning service to handle the task. Our pool repair company offers expert pool cleaning in Plano and Frisco, TX, as well as the surrounding areas. We also have great deals on local pool supplies so you can maintain your pool in-between cleanings.

All-in-One Pool Cleaning

Your pool is made up of several different components, including the water, surface, tiling, and electrical equipment. In order for your pool to be a safe and enjoyable place for swimming, you need all of these components to be clean and functional. We can send an experienced pool cleaner to inspect and all the parts of your pool. 

  • Pool Skimming—Regardless if your pool is situated underneath trees, leaves and other types of foliage are bound to fall in. We use a large net to scoop out leaves and bugs from your pool so they do not clog the basket and filter.
  • Pool Vacuuming—Pieces of plaster, tiling, and other kinds of debris can accumulate on the bottom of your pool. We use a specialized vacuum to remove them quickly and easily.
  • Emptying Pool Baskets—Your pool pump circulates the water around the pool and into the basket, which prevents the filter from clogging. If your basket is filled with leaves and debris, it makes your pool pump less effective. We offer regular pool cleaning to ensure your baskets are never overflowing.
  • Detailed Tile Cleaning—Dirt and minerals can tarnish the appearance of your pool tiling. We provide tile cleaning so your pooling is always shining like new.
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Professional Pool Cleaning for Exceptional Results

For dependable, detailed cleaning, no other company can compete with our professional pool cleaning team. We maintain very reasonable rates and always arrive on time. Most importantly, your pool cleaner will do a very thorough job so when the job is done, your pool will be immaculate.

Contact us today to request our pool cleaning service or setup a weekly cleaning schedule. We proudly serve Plano, Frisco, Lewisville, Richardson, and Irving, TX, as well as the surrounding areas.

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